Pause for Thought – a five minute read – Week 24

Malachi 3 v 1

I Will, I Promise.

I am thankful that some basic survival skills for life were high on my parent’s agenda when I was in my teenage years. The result of this meant that I am more than capable of cooking a decent meal, washing my own clothes and ironing my own shirts, capabilities that became even more relevant when my wife (Jean) died in 2012 and I found myself having to undertake all such tasks.

It was also fortunate that at the time the essential equipment such as washing machine, cooker and steam iron were all relatively new and have been performing well; – until now.

This week I was happily destroying the creases in my best white shirt when my steam iron let out a loud bang accompanied by a bright blue flash and no longer steamed, in fact it no longer did anything. It was obvious that there was no chance that it would be raised again from the literal ashes, so I had to venture onto the internet to find a replacement.

I eventually chose what appeared to be a suitable appliance, not too flamboyant, no go faster stripes and no turbo power, and clicked on to the,’ add to basket’ icon. I was interested to see a message pop up on my screen explaining the, ‘Company Promise’.

I had obviously chosen well as this company promised to provide a quality product, with a quality service, and a quality delivery package including a guaranteed delivery date and time along with a free tracking service. What more could I ask for?

I clicked on the button that said accept everything including the 24 hour delivery slot and the free tracking service. Almost immediately I received an email message confirming the day and time that I could expect delivery of my new steam iron. I am impressed with this company promise.

The day and time for the delivery arrived, and passed, but no parcel materialised. I did receive a message that assured me that I will be delighted with my new purchase and would a like to comment on the efficiency of the service I had received.

Before I had chance to apply my fingers to my lap top keys in a suitable reply, I received a telephone call explaining that my parcel had mysteriously disappeared and was no longer on the delivery van that should have visited my house. What about the free tracking system could that help? The system seemed to suggest that my parcel was somewhere near Retford heading towards Lincoln.

After sincere and passionate apologies I was assured that my steam iron would be retrieved and delivered to my house the following day and would be none the worse for its impromptu adventure to Lincoln.

That’s the problem with promises, they’re so often broken.

Helen Steiner Rice wrote in her poem, ‘The world is rife with promises that are fast and falsely spoken. For man in his deceptive way, knows his promise can be broken ‘.

In the Bible God’s promise is a Covenant, which is more than just a promise, it is a commitment, an agreement between two parties never to be broken no matter what. God made a covenant with Sarah and Abraham that they would have children and through their faith in God they had many children even though it seemed impossible.

God made a covenant with the Hebrew people to lead them out of slavery and into a promised land and a new life. God kept his covenant but the Hebrew people failed in their promises. God both judged them and held out a hand of hope and redemption. The promise of the Messiah, the Redeemer, and Saviour was made by God through the prophet’s centuries before the birth of Jesus but the Jewish nation were unwilling to accept him. Jeremiah 2: v 17 reminds the Jews that they brought God’s punishment on themselves by forsaking their Lord and God. Isaiah 40 v 1-2 offered comfort to the Jewish people through a redeemer to be sent by God the Father, and Daniel 7 v 13 – 14 describes the coming of Jesus Christ in Daniel’s vision.

 Through Jesus Christ God made a new Covenant with all people that our sins are forgiven and through faith we can look forward to everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven. God has promised that he will always be with us and God’s promise is never broken.

Well today is the promised day for the delivery of my steam iron. Its lunch time and I’m still waiting. However I have noticed that the cost of the iron has come out of my bank account, they are obviously more efficient at obtaining payment than delivering the goods.

There is still time I’m sure it will be here soon – promise.  

Derek T.