Prayer is very important to Christian people as it is the way through which we speak to God and we hear from him.

There are many different styles or types of prayer and at Spondon Methodist Church we encourage them all including
Quiet meditation
Speaking and listening
Prayer to music

and many other styles.

In our prayers we might bring specific people and situations to God asking for healing and support but we will also seek guidance and direction for ourselves and for our Church.
We have various prayer initiatives:

Weekly Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday morning at 10.00 am till 10.30 am before our morning service.

Prayer Chain
A small group of people who pray for specific prayer needs. This is a confidential support service to provide focused prayer support to those in need, whether they are a member of the church or not.

24 Hour Prayer Vigil
We have at least one “24 hour prayer vigil” per year and in 2015 it will begin on 6th June at 12.00 noon and continue till the same time the following day.

Street Prayer
As part of our Out-reach to the community we pray for the people who live in two or three of the streets of Spondon each and every week in our Morning and service.