Our History

The history of the Church

The church was dedicated and opened in July 1934.
A church built out of the unity of two Methodist congregations in Spondon, determined to work together long before the official Methodist union in 1932.

It must have been exciting for the original ten trustees of the Lodge Lane site when the initial steps leading to the purchase of the land were taken in January 1929 with a suitable site being chosen in January 1930

No time was wasted, a building committee was formed and from minutes of the meetings you can gather how earnestly they discussed the accommodation needed which would serve them then as well as for the future.

The stone laying ceremony took place in December 1933 and the congregation watched the walls being built in the following months..

The church was built and opened in very difficult years of the 1930’s when money was scarce in the pockets of working people and yet you can see from the records that they were happy to arrange many concerts and events in order to pay for the church.

During the war the people were undaunted for they entertained evacuees, troops in the local camp were welcomed into the church both morning and evening services. The evening services were held in the hall because of the Black-out, sometimes to the accompaniment of guns and the drone of enemy planes.

The peace was celebrated and in 1946 the financial dept was cleared; A truly remarkable achievement.

The church has remained virtually unchanged in appearance but additional rooms were added in 1966 to increase the space required for Sunday school classes and other community activities.

More recently, in 2000 a white illuminated cross was added to the front over an existing stone cross above the West window. Between 2003 and 2004 a major refurbishment took place to modernise the worship area bringing it up to date to facilitate worship to the latest standards.

The refurbishment extended to the removal of the choir seating, several rows of pews, pulpit and tiered flooring; the front has been fitted out with very modern furniture and the installation of audio and visual equipment, fitting for present day worship.
The visual equipment is used to project hymns, readings and power point projections to enhance our worship.